About Andronaco S.A.S.

Manufacturer & World Leader of Polyethylene Ball Valves & Python Pipe Repair Clamps

Andronaco S.A.S. features Polyvalve, Nil-Cor, and Python Clamps products.

With a proven track record since 1976, Polyvalve has sold millions of valves worldwide. Our Poly-Chem®, Poly-Gas®, and Poly-Water® valves are renowned for their ruggedness, reliability, and metal-free internal parts, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Andronaco S.A.S. repair clamps that are highly flexible and effective solutions for repairing damaged pipes. These clamps consist of stainless steel bands with lugs, accompanied by bolts and nuts for installation. The clamps are designed with beveled ends and a vulcanized bridge plate, ensuring maximum tightness and even distribution of compression force.

Choose Andronaco S.A.S. clamps for quick and efficient pipe repairs. These clamps provide a reliable and lasting solution, guaranteeing tightness, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

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